Checking the changing balconies that are compatible with the environment and the needs of the residents of residential complexes


1 Assistant Professor, Department of Interior Architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Arts, Tehran, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Faculty Member, Department of Interior Architecture, Art

3 Master student of architecture, Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Arts, Tehran, Iran


Balconies and terraces are part of the interface spaces in the facades of buildings that allow internal and external communication, but these days we are witnessing poor performance and even the removal of these spaces from residential buildings. Paying attention to the effective factors in the formation of balconies (cultural factors, social factors, artistic factors, economic factors, environmental factors, and functional factors) and their optimal design can have a great impact on improving the quality of life of residents and their satisfaction. It is one of the new apartment complexes. Therefore, the design of these interfaces should be tailored to the needs of residents and existing conditions, but the needs of residents and existing conditions are not always constant and may change; So these interfaces need to be flexible and Variable. Convertible balconies can be a good alternative to the current fixed balcony. These balconies can meet the needs of residents in different conditions and are compatible with the environment, so that they open when needed and create the necessary space and shrink when they are not needed.
In this research, first, issues related to balconies, including: definition of balconies and types of balconies and examples of balconies with special design have been raised. The following are issues with variability and examples of convertible balconies. Examining the case examples of balconies and variable facades and the connections used in them, eight models of variable balconies have been proposed, which show how they are placed in the facade and how they are opened and closed. The proposed criteria are evaluated based on specific criteria (such as: how to open and close the structure mechanically and manually, the cost of structure and connections, access for future service and repair, occupant safety at the time of use, etc.) to determine their superiority. Finally, different modes of the selected balcony are shown that change according to the wishes and needs of the residents. When these balconies open and close, they create different spatial qualities for the occupants, giving them the right to choose how to use these interface spaces, and allowing them to access the outdoor space at any time.


 اســکندی، حمیــد. ( .)1397تدویــن چارچــوب طراحــی کالبــدی بالکنهــا در جهــت بهــرهوری تهویــه طبیعــی
در آپارتمانهــای میــان مرتبــه مســکونی» (رســاله دکتــری، دانشــگاه هنــر اصفهــان)، اســتاد راهنمــا: محمدجــواد
مهدوینــژاد و مهــدی ســعدوندی.
- امیررحیمی، رضا (« .)1392معمار» مجله معمار. ش ،82ص 20تا .31
- حسـینزاده، فاطمـه (« .)1394نقـش بالکـن در زیباسـازی نمـا بـا رویکـرد زیباییشناسـی ویتروویـوس،» همایـش
بینالمللـی معمـاری، عمـران و شهرسـازی هـزاره سـوم، ص 4تـا .11
- صالحـی، اسـماعیل (« .)1387ویژگیهـای محیطـی فضاهـای شـهری امـن.» مرکـز مطالعاتی و تحقیقاتی شهرسـازی
و معمـاری، تهران.
- علینیــا مطلــق، ایــوب و عینیفــر، علیرضــا (« .)1389تبییــن مفهــوم بیــرون و درون در فضاهــای مابیــن مســکن
آپارتمانــی.» نشــریه هنرهــای زیبــا. ش ، 2ص 55تــا .66
- عینیفــر، علیرضــا (« .)1382الگویــی بــرای تحلیــل انعطــاف پذیــری در مســکن ســنتی ایــران،» هنرهــای زیبــا.
ش ،13بهــار ،1382ص 64تــا .77
- عینیفـر، علیرضـا و قاضـیزاده، نـدا (« .)1389گونهشناسـی مجتمعهـای مسـکونی تهـران بـا معیـار فضـای بـاز،»
آرمانشـهر، ش ،5ص 45تـا .35
- کریمــی، ریحانــه (« .)1396طراحــی انعطــاف پذیــر فضاهــای بــاز (نظیــر بالکــن و تــراس) در ســاختمانهای
مســکونی بــا رویکــرد افزایــش بهــرهوری از فضــا» (پایاننامــه کارشناســی ارشــد، دانشــکده هنــر و معمــاری دانشــگاه
علــم و فرهنــگ تهــران،) اســتاد راهنمــا: محمدرضــا نامــداری.
- مختاری، اسکندر (« .)1390میراث معماری مدرن ایران.» تهران: دفتر پژوهشهای فرهنگی.
- معینــی، ســید محمــود (« .)1393بررســی تأثیــرات بالکــن در مجتمعهــای مســکونی بــا رویکــرد آرامــش روانــی
ســاکنین(مجتمع مســکونی بوعلــی همــدان.») اولیــن همایــش معمــاری مســکونی.
- نویفــرت، ارنســت و پیتــر ( .)2019اطلاعــات معمــاری نویفــرت، ترجمــه کــورش محمــودی و پریمــا بــرادران،
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January 2022
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