A Review on Building Energy Studies in Iran

Document Type : Review Article


University of Art


Since 1991, building energy studies has received increasing attention in Iran after Iranian national building regulations (Code No.19) was published. Fourteen years later, Master course of “Energy and architecture” was founded in Tehran University. This article reviews a quarter of a century research, in a systematic analysis considting of 165 master thesis and 32 dissertations and 183 articles published in scientific-research journals between 1992 and 2017. The purpose of the article is to map and review the publications based on systematic analysis according to the following categories: climate, function, research method and etc. The study showed that most of the documents are about architecture and residectial buildings. About 70% of researchs are concertrated on hot arid climate and 54% of them used energy simulation as research method without being validated. Also we suggested that in the future researchs on enrgy issues in Iran, it would be necessary the following issues to be considered: daylighting, natural ventilation, optimization of active and passive systems, zero carbon buildings and neighborhoods and educational buildings and health care buildings.


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